Premium Sustainable Furniture. Born in Berlin.

Our Story

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The How, The What, The Why.

Each Kentholz piece carries a sense of history. We harness the natural beauty of restored wood out of love for the material and the environment. High-quality, sustainable furniture is an investment, not only in yourself and your home, but in the future of our planet.

Dedicated to bringing together timeless design with sustainable materials, our pieces are built to last a lifetime.

Our Wood

Sourcing only the most beautiful heritage wood, we travel to the European Alps and specialist dealers in northern Germany individually selecting our prized timbers for their historic warmth and timeless beauty. Some pieces make the grade, many do not.

We go to great lengths and cost to secure only the best before even beginning the painstaking and highly-rewarding restoration work. Independently FSC-certified, our efforts ensure our materials are beautiful, luxurious and sustainable.

We are creating furniture which is built to last, which carries the history and legacy of the generations that came before, and that helps ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. It’s hard work but the results speak for themselves.

The Process

Every last centimetre of our timbers is milled, planed, sawn and crafted in our partner workshop facility in The Netherlands.

Allowing us to concentrate on build-quality, our hands-on process means that we can eliminate waste wherever possible as well as collect any left over by-products which are then repurposed for re-use elsewhere.

Employing a fiercely loyal, locally-based team, we are conscious of giving back to the wider community that we are proud to serve.

We are dedicated to sustainability, to contributing to society and to helping protect the environment.


On our journey towards being Carbon Positive, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. We acknowledge where we could be doing more and are always open to advice.

  • All our wood is old wood. So, for every piece of timber we use, there is a living tree left in the ground.
  • We repurpose our off-cuts into our beautiful “patchwork” range of tables and benches.
  • Our sawdust is collected by a local horse breeder and it ultimately goes back into the ground.
  • We source our power from renewable suppliers and even use electric vehicles whenever it is practical to do so.
  • We try to combine deliveries whenever and as often as we can.
  • For overseas orders, we use recyclable packaging materials and offset our emissions by planting trees.

Looking into the Future

Of course there is more work to do and we are always looking for new ways to make our process more sustainable. Currently investing in solar technology, our goal is to establish an entirely Carbon Neutral circular production process. That means zero CO2 emissions through all stages of the process, from collecting our raw materials, producing your furniture and right through to delivering it do your home.

It’s a big ask, but we are committed. Committed to creating some of the most beautiful furniture, and committed to doing so in the most sustainable way possible.

Stacey Kent

Founder and owner of Kentholz, Melbourne-born Stacey Kent is driven by a deep commitment to sustainability rooted in his love of the beauty and warmth of reclaimed wood. When starting the business, Kent began using salvaged materials out of the necessity of being a young entrepreneur with limited resources.

He soon found a profound sense of satisfaction in working with such one of a kind timber pieces, and through this became interested in promoting sustainability.

This creative practice transformed into a commitment to making a positive impact on the world by crafting high end furniture pieces from what others saw as waste.

By reusing materials to create luxurious design, he is encouraging people to re-think the connection between materials and products, emphasising environmental impact as a guide for what we buy and consume.