Reclaimed Furniture. Born in Berlin.

Commercial Projects

Our special commissions include working on large scale event installations as well as interior furnishing for bars, restaurant, homes and offices. We love taking on bigger projects and have the capacity to fulfill large custom orders. Please get in contact with us directly for all commercial enquiries.


Neukölln, Berlin

Brief: To design and build a mix of two-person dining tables and one oversized sharing table for natural wine bar and nordic restaurant palsta. Our thick tube steel bases with the small salvaged pine tops give a galactic feel to our rustic aesthetic.


Mitte, Berlin

Brief: This cutting edge international advertising agency was looking to incorporate local and sustainably sourced materials into their first Berlin office space. We designed and built 10 large co-working desks and a custom extra-long standing table to be paired with our bar stools.

Rocket + Basil. CAFE / DELI

Schöneberg, Berlin

Brief: For Rocket & Basil, a Persian-inspired cafe/deli in Berlin, we custom designed and built a copper green and white blended terrazzo serving and preparation bar, with black and white quartz and white Carrara marble aggregate.


Mitte, Berlin

Brief: To fit out the two-story interior of a commercial office space with a mix of standing tables and shared workspace tables for 10+ people. An important aspect of our brief was to incorporate cables and power boards into our tables for ease of use and a neat aesthetic. Big boy tables are our favourite.

Interior Design Commission. MASTER BEDROOM

Schöneberg, Berlin

Brief: To build a custom 8 meter sliding wardrobe for a private home in Berlin to bring a rustic feel into a sunny and bright bedroom. The interior designer also requested a long mirror to be incorporated as a way to bring more depth to the space.

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