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Custom Terrazzo
Work Surfaces & Tabletops

Beautiful Terrazzo for Home & Gastronomy

In the kitchen, in the bathroom, or on the terrace, there is nothing more uniquely impressive than Terrazzo work surfaces, tabletops, and finishes.

Our Terrazzo not only looks stunning, but it has also proven itself in high-octane commercial installations like restaurants, cafés, and bars.

Unlimited Creative Possibilities

Any of our Terrazzo designs can be tailored to exactly the right size or specification you need for your project.

And, because we individually cast each piece by hand, we can always adjust the final look to bring your creativity to life.

Let's Make Something Special

A little less pink and a touch of blue? No problem. A 45-degree cut on the left-hand side? Sure. And if we want to go for the full Jackson Pollock look? Let’s do this!

Sleek and sophisticated, or completely wild, your Kentholz Terrazzo work surfaces or table top will be as unique as you are.

Contact us and, together, we’ll make something special.

Worktops tabletops custom terrazzo kentholz

The Adventure Starts Here


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Worktops custom terrazzo kentholz