Outlet - Buco Nero Mono - Premium, Terrazzo Bistro Table


Cylinder Gewinkelt


80cm Durchmesser

The Buco Nero Mono bistro table by Kentholz has a refined and polished finish. It is made from volcanic sand and deep aggregates which communicate mass, gravitas and eternity, with a monochrome pallet and fleeting hints of colour. This Buco Nero’s form makes it perfect for breakfasting, lunching or living in smaller apartments, adding a timeless sense of grandeur to any space. This 80 cm Kentholz Buco Nero Mono is now ready to be sold at a highly attractive price.

Precision-ground to a silken finish and then treated for commercial-level durability, all our terrazzo has the sensual quality of ancient stone. With a colour way pared back to whites, darker tones, and ashen greys, the aged patina of these pieces is luxurious without overstatement.