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kentholz in german

To the people of Germany, an apology

Kentholz is now auf Deutsch. Probable proof that we are far better at making glorious sustainable furniture.

The Kentholz Website is now in German

Today is the day that we launch our German language version of We are actually rather proud of that insofar as native speakers are decidedly thin on the ground in this neck of the woods.

Still, we persevered. Long nights of study at the Volkshochschüle, even longer nights trying to blend in in Kreuzberger Eckkneipen and we finally have the confidence to put our language skills out there for all to see.

The reason for this is simple. Alongside the Berlin faithful, we also have customers from all over the world. However, it is only recently that we began to spread our message deeper in to the Bundesrepublik and we totally understand that some people would rather pore over the details and go through the ordering process in their own language. Logisch, oder?

Mistakes Happen

You’re bound to see a few grammatical errors and the odd Teutonically-torturous sentence where we get hopelessly lost in the middle only to try to regain some poise towards the end. God, as they say, loves a trier.

So, forgive us please if we have minced your beautiful language. If you find anything that you think we should fix, please shoot us a mail with your corrections and we’ll say thanks with a discount code for one of our equally beautiful pieces of sustainable Berlin-built furniture.