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kentholz at good old goods

From Clicks to Mortar

Kentholz is an online business but we recognise that, for some customers, that hands-on experience can be reassuring.

Update: 15.12.21

Well, that was fun while is lasted! With Lockdown 2,0 on the immediate horizon, we are a little in the dark as to whether we will be allowed to make any more appointments between now and 10th January. We will post an update here as soon as we have some concrete news and, if you have any specific questions, please contact us directly.


From Clicks to Mortar

Kentholz is an online business. We’re “digital-first”, according to the tech journos, and we are so-called disruptors.

In a sense, that is true. Sure, we save a cool fortune in not having a network of shops and distributors, and that means that we can we can make premium-quality, traditionally-crafted furniture more affordable for more people. It also means that countless tonnes of carbon don’t get burned as a grotesque form of collateral damage.

But, even as online retail booms in times of Corona, (just ask Jeff Bezos’ bank manager), we recognise that, for some customers, that hands-on experience can be reassuring. We get it, try before you buy.

Zwei Flieger mit einer Klappe.

And this is why we have shacked up with Good Old Goods at the re-emerging Arena Gelände by the Spree in Berlin-Treptow.

Having eased ourselves in to some previously unused space, we are not using up any extra resources while being able to present a highlight selection of our tables, as well as samples of our handmade, deeply-traditional terrazzo.

If you would like to come and see us, it is best to make an appointment, especially if you are making a special journey or needing to travel any great distance. Of course, you can simply drop by, but there is every chance that pieces will have been sold, shipped, and delivered.

We are available at weekends from midday onwards and we can usually accommodate appointments during the week, too.

Finding Kentholz

Between the old flea market and the main Arena exhibition and concert space, there is a cobbled lane. This is accessed from Eichen Straße at one end and from the Club der Visionäre / Festsaal Kreuzberg entrance at the other. Once you see the Good Old Goods signs, you’ll have found us.

finding Kentholz furniture


We are also in the advanced stages of planning for the opening a private show-apartment, and we hope to be making an announcement towards the end of December.