Sustainably Sourced Materials

Kentholz is committed to promoting sustainability in every aspect of our work. We take great care to seek out materials that support the environment, reduce carbon emissions and help us achieve our goal of zero waste production.


500 - 800 years old, our Oak is sourced from abandoned ski lodges, mountain huts and farm villages throughout Austria. FSC Certified as meeting the highest standards of sustainability, the wood carries a sense of history and character that can only be found in aged timber. Less than half of Europe's primary forests are strictly protected by anti-logging legislation and there is mounting political pressure to dismantle these few barriers even further. Our practice helps ensure the protection of Europe's old growth forests by providing an alternative supply of high quality old wood.


Taken from worksites throughout Berlin, the reclaimed Pine has been exposed to the elements under the hands and feet of German workers. Bearing the marks of this history, each piece is unique, their individual beauty coming from where the weather and toil have left their mark. These special details compliment the beautiful grain and character of the timber and are impossible to recreate or imitate authentically.


In the woodwork industry, an average of 30% of wood purchased goes out the door as waste. Hand-stitched together from offcut pieces of salvaged pine and oak, our Patchwork boards provide a means of reducing this significantly. Bound together with natural adhesives, these pieces are one-of-a-kind collages of varied grains and textures. Our patchwork boards show how the ingenuity and inventiveness Kentholz continues to push the envelope of sustainability and design.


A contemporary twist on the classic material, our hand-cast Terrazzo concrete is made using natural stone and pigment. Found aggregate such as recycled glass, discarded porcelain, marble and quartz are combined with multi-tone cements for a myriad of colour and dimension, each element of the casting being customizable.


All metallic fittings in the pieces are handmade in-house from locally fabricated steel. Reducing the distance of transportation minimises greenhouse gas emissions. Precision welding is used as to avoid any grinding down of the metal’s surface. Reducing waste, this also allows the steel to be treated with nothing but beeswax, avoiding the use of any chemical finish or powder coating.

Sustainable and Transparent

We aim to be completely transparent regarding the environmental impact of our work. Aesthetics drives our inno­vation to reduce our environmental impact. Purchasing a Kentholz is a symbol of your dedication to responsible consumption.

Protecting Old Growth Forests

More than half of Europe's primary forests are currently susceptible to legal logging. By using salvaged wood, we are providing an alternative supply of high quality timber and reducing the incentive to exploit these important habitats.

Lowering Emissions, Zero Waste

Using locally fabricated steel reduces our need to transport materials over long distances, minimising our carbon emissions. Working towards a zero waste production process, we aim to reuse as much waste as possible.