Outlet - Annecy Side Table | Premium, Terrazzo & Oak Side Table

Kentholz Carnevale Terrazzo


60cm ⌀ x 45 cm (High)
Smokey Oak

Robust and hand-crafted from historic oak, and especially designed for the Smokey range of tables.


The Annecy terrazzo and oak side table by Kentholz is our interpretation of effortless, lakeside harmony and all the promise of an Alpine spring.

Designed with the express intention to recall Easter holidays in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France, the Kentholz Annecy draws upon natural colour together with the rugged character of timeless stone.

This beautifully expressive 60 cm Annecy on a 45 cm oak base was crafted for a custom order which didn’t survive the lockdown. It is in stock, in perfect condition, and is ready to be sold at a very attractive price.



Precision ground to a silken finish and then treated for commercial-level durability, all our terrazzo has the sensual quality of ancient stone. With an bright and passionate colour palette, the unique pallet of the Annecy is luxurious without overstatement.

Our exclusive base and leg design makes use of precious supplies of historic, restored oak which we source from the slopes and valleys of the Alpine foothills.

Kentholz Carnevale Terrazzo