Outlet - English Rose Coffee Table | Premium, Terrazzo & Oak Table

Kentholz Confetto Smokey Terrazzo


60cm ⌀ x 45 cm (High)
Smokey Oak

Robust and hand-crafted from historic oak, and especially designed for the Smokey range of tables.


The English Rose terrazzo and oak coffee table by Kentholz is a pure and formal blend of natural colour in a harmonious and elegant form.

With a delicate balance of pinks, whites, and hints of pastel, the English Rose is intended to shine in every home and in any setting.

This beautifully expressive 60cm x 45cm high English Rose is in stock and is ready to be sold at a very attractive price.



Precision ground to a matte finish and then treated for commercial-level durability, all our terrazzo has the sensual quality of ancient stone. With a subtle colour palette, the unique character of the English Rose is luxurious without overstatement.

Our exclusive base and leg design is handmade from solid Alpine oak.