Outlet - Gigante Rosa | Premium, Terrazzo Dining Table


180 x 90 cm

Seats up to 6 people.

Smokey Oak

Robust and hand-crafted from historic oak, and especially designed for the Smokey range of tables.


Updated and now with a refined and polished finish, the Gigante Rosa terrazzo dining table by Kentholz has a warm pink tone made using a specific mix of natural coral aggregates. Accented by veins of white with blocks of peach-pink and cream stone, these pieces add a gentle flush of colour to any space.

This 180 x 90 cm Kentholz Gigante Rosa is ideal for entertaining guests is now ready to be sold at a highly attractive price.

Hand cast using natural stone and pigment embedded directly into the concrete, every piece has its own unique texture and form. Reducing carbon emissions by casting locally and using found aggregate, this range allows people to enjoy the prestigious and tactile pleasure of a stone table top whilst minimising their environmental impact.

Our exclusive “Flair” base and leg design makes use of locally-forged steel