Outlet - Glacier | Premium, Terrazzo Coffee Table


70cm ⌀ x 35 cm (High)
Cylinder Straight

STRAIGHT CYLINDER - 100% bare black with natural beeswax finish. A clean and minimal industrial-style leg made from black steel round pipe.


Kentholz’s increasingly popular Glacier Terrazzo coffee table is now available in a pure and elegant round design, combined with our exclusive base in rare restored oak or, as with this particular example, our handmade, steel base.

The refined and polished finish reveals subtle design variations with a delicate selection of white stone fragments along with strokes of inspired colors and tones.

This beautifully contrast-rich 70cm x 35cm Glacier is in stock and available for sale at a very attractive price.

Precision-ground to a matte finish and then treated for commercial-level durability, all our terrazzo has the sensual quality of ancient stone. With a relaxed and down-to-earth colour way, the unique patina of the Kentholz Glacier is luxurious without overstatement.

Our exclusive base and leg design makes use of locally-smithed steel, thereby adding another contribution to our goal of reducing emissions at every stage of our manufacture.