Outlet - Index Simone & Marek



A refined and sleek leg structure made in Berlin from black steel round pipe with a natural beeswax finish.

120 x 70 cm

Conspicuous and loud, the Index terrazzo table is a spectacular multi-coloured-pigment piece. Its galactic colour way speaks to both chance and harmony. Imbued with so much variety, this joyous surface is truly a one-of-a-kind addition to your home.

Hand cast using natural stone and pigment embedded directly into the concrete, every piece has its own unique texture and form. Reducing carbon emissions by casting locally and using found aggregate, this range allows people to enjoy the prestigious and tactile pleasure of a stone table top whilst minimising their environmental impact.

Hand grinded to a matte finish, all our terrazzo has the sensual quality of ancient stone. Mixing various different colours and materials, the Galassia takes on a rich sedimentary aesthetic under this process, making it one of the most dynamic and eye catching pieces in our range.