Outlet - Patchwork Kent


200 x 85 cm
3 Pin Silver

3 PIN - 100% raw silver with natural beeswax finish. Minimalistic, steel pin legs based on the classic mid-century original hairpin design by Henry P. Glass.

Elegantly designed using fine cuts of pine and oak bound together lengthwise, the Patchwork Kent is a sleek and slender multi-use table. Ideal as a work desk, compact dining or kitchen table, the combination of different timbers means each piece boasts its own one-of-a-kind collage of grains and textures.

In the woodwork industry, an average of 30% of wood purchased goes out the door as waste. Hand stitched together from fine offcut pieces of pine and oak, our repurposing methods provide a means of reducing this wastage significantly. Our table legs are locally fabricated and made from naturally treated steel.

Well sanded and oiled this piece is smooth to the touch with the golden tone of the pine shining next to the rich brown of the oak. The thin cuts of pine and oak give this table a stylish appeal and versatility making it an ideal statement piece for any space.