Outlet - Raw Kent — Reclaimed Pine Table

Free Shipping & Installation in DE over 1200€
Free Shipping & Installation in DE over 1200€

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140 x 70 cm
3 Pin Black

3 PIN - 100% bare black with natural beeswax finish. Minimalistic, steel pin legs based on the classic mid-century original hairpin design by Henry P. Glass.

Our showstopper. With minimal shaping of the wood, the original character of our salvaged pine is painstakingly preserved. The raw, burnt edges are the table’s most distinguished feature leaving the wood in its most natural ‘live’ state.

Reclaimed from worksites throughout Berlin, our Pine boards bear the marks of this history making each piece unique. Our table legs are locally fabricated and made from naturally treated steel.

Industrial yet contemporary, the Raw Kent has a rich brown colour with the golden grain of the pine marbled through. Gently sanded and brushed it has a rich, rustic and tactile finish.