Outlet - Rustic Kent


160 x 90 cm

Seats up to 6 people.


LOOP - 100% bare black with natural beeswax finish. Super modern and sleek U-shaped legs handcrafted using flat cold-pressed steel.

A high note in the realm of rustic furniture, this piece instantly transforms any living space into a playful, yet aesthetically elevated environment to spend time in. Handcrafted using our aged Oak, we carefully hand select the flattest boards so as to minimise the need for alterations and preserve the rich original qualities of the wood.

FSC Certified and 500 – 800 years old, our Oak is salvaged from old mountain huts or abandoned ski lodges in the Austrian alps. Each board has its own story, giving every piece a depth of character all their own. Our table legs are locally fabricated and made from naturally treated steel.

Gently sanded and brushed to protect the natural tactile appeal of the wood, the Rustic Kent is nevertheless smooth to the touch. Naturally a deep brown tone the grain of the Oak shines through thanks to the Hartwachs oil finish.