Outlet - The Smokey Kent - Premium, Sustainable Oak Dining Table


Cylinder Angled

ANGLED CYLINDER - 100% bare black with natural beeswax finish. A bold, industrial style leg made in Berlin from black steel round pipe.

180 x 100 cm

Seats up to 6 people.

The Smokey Kent is at the very pinnacle of our range. Each of our Smokey Kent dining tables and benches is hand-crafted from our sustainable, historic solid oak timbers, which have been painstakingly restored to reveal unique and radiant honeyed tones, and the true soul of the wood.

This example is a generous 120 x 70 cm in size and comes with Cylinder round steel legs.

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Finely-sanded to the smoothest possible finish, the specially selected Smokey oak timbers have developed their rich notes over centuries of loyal service close to open fireplaces in now abandoned mountain huts and lodges.

We carefully grade and match the tones of the oak, and that is the magic ingredient which gives each Smokey Kent its unique and rich character.

All Kentholz timbers are FSC-Certified.