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Carnevale - Premium, Terrazzo & Oak Dining Table

Free Shipping & Installation in DE over 1200€
Free Shipping & Installation in DE over 1200€

The Carnevale terrazzo and oak dining table by Kentholz is a kaleidoscopic celebration of serendipitous, natural colour and harmonious, elegant form.

Designed in close cooperation with leading interiors specialist, Jessica Weiß-Fink, the Carnevale rises above the vagaries of fashion and instantly establishes itself as a contemporary classic.

Available in three diameters, or as a Custom Build, (please contact us), the Carnevale will ease in to your space and become a much-cherished addition to the family home.

Hand cast using natural stone and pigment embedded directly into the terrazzo, every piece has its own unique texture and form. Reducing carbon emissions by casting locally and using found aggregate, the Carnevale invites you to enjoy the prestigious and tactile pleasure of a stone table top while minimising their environmental impact.

Our exclusive base and leg design makes use of precious supplies of historic, restored oak which we source from the slopes and valleys of the Alpine foothills.

Hand ground to a matte finish and then treated for commercial-level durability, all our terrazzo has the sensual quality of ancient stone. With a relaxed and playful colour way of pastels, whites and ashen greys, the unique patina of the Carnevale is luxurious without overstatement.

Ø 120 cm
Total 3.495 €
Seats up to 4 people.

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Standard (Ø 120 cm)
3.495 €
Total: 3.495
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