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kenthouse coffee table collection

Fancy a coffee?

Kentholz launches a triple-shot of devilishly handsome coffee tables in reclaimed pine and historic, premium oak. Sweet.

The Kentholz Coffee Collection

You don’t need to be strung out on caffeine to have noticed that we tend to spend most of our energies building tables and chairs from the fine timbers that we salvage from the building sites of mama Berlin and the rolling slopes of the Alpine foothills.

Yes, most. But not all. We actually commit quite a lot of time to what might loosely be termed “R&D” – researching and developing new products that we think might have a fighting chance of helping us to extend our collection.

Some make the cut but most do not. So, it is not without a decent fanfare and a lot of hullabaloo that today sees us finally launch our Coffee Collection; a carefully-crafted range of side-tables that borrows much from our full-sized dining tables but which are devilishly handsome in their own right.

The Smokey Kent Coffee

The Smokey Coffee Table is curated from the absolute cream of aged, nutty-brown oak timbers. Intended as much a centrepiece rather than a mere accessory, the Smokey radiates charm and warmth throughout any living room situation.

That’s because those hues have developed over countless decades of the wood being near fireplaces. Don’t worry though; we air them thoroughly as part of the restoration process.

The Rolly Kent Coffee

The circular Rolly Kent is our beautifully slim coffee table or side table, which has been exquisitely fashioned from historic oak and sits atop our locally-fabricated steel table legs.

Use it to display your treasured objéts, impress your guests with your latest choice of totally obscure literature, or simply get lively with the lattes.

The Classic Kent Coffee

As a dining table, The Classic has earned its spurs as our most popular wood finish to date. The self same reclaimed pine remains rustic and rugged at heart but we have worked it a mite harder for its little brother.

Interested? Here’s a triple-shot of all the goodness!


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